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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

A Silk Rose Wall

'You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because your reality is finally better than your dreams' ~ Dr Suess.


Grab your tiara, step into your glass slippers and mount the horse and carriage, because you are about to enter a real-life princess fairy tale. 

When Ashley and Brent tied the knot on April 10th 2017, the stunning couple defied the meaning of beauty as they said ‘I do’ against the backdrop of our silk rose wall. The sun set gloriously over CopperWynd Resort as the guests turned in awe to watch Ashley walk elegantly down the aisle toward the man of her dreams. Dressed in a vintage-lace sleeved wedding gown, Ashley clutched her Angelic Grove personalized bouquet, that coordinated perfectly with the masterpiece rose wall. A true testament of skill and delicacy, this wall took Angelic Grove’s floral designer, Mark Karp 3 days to create. And boy, it was worth it! The inspired wall contains silk roses of pale pink and neutral colors that effortlessly coordinated with Ashley bouquet of soft ranunculas, peonies and quicksand roses. 

The beginning of another busy wedding season is upon us, and recently we have seen an influx of silk rose walls on our Instagram feeds and Pinterest walls. Our floral designer at Angelic Grove, Mark Karp, is always looking for new and innovative design ideas to create stunning weddings every day, and working with a rose silk wall proved to be one of his most intricate and rewarding creations.

When it comes to planning a special, personalized and unique day, Angelic Grove understands that every bride is different and should be celebrated for their individuality! That’s why we strive to make every event unique, every detail personable and every second memorable.

Sublime photography taken by @christinejohnsonphotography to capture these unforgettable moments and highlight the inner and outer beauty with every shot.

@serendipitycinema and @deserthouseproductions produces the most amazing wedding videos to give you a lasting film of your special day.

We have built up loyal and trustworthy relationships with our recommended vendors. @ccsoutherland will deliver a complete package when it comes to her wedding directing and planning, she won’t miss a trick or a detail!

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