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The Wedding Planner Becomes The Bride

It was November 6th, 2018, when Tristan came into the Angelic Grove office, following the evening of her birthday, with a smile from ear to ear and a sparkling, diamond ring on her finger. We all waited for her to arrive in anticipation. “I’m officially engaged, '' she exclaimed! And thus, the planner of many beautiful weddings who works so closely with brides and grooms to bring their special day to life became the planner of her own wedding.

3 years prior, Tristan was casually scrolling through the Bumble dating app when she came across a tall, dark and handsome man, whose profile stood out to her. Swiping right, Tristan never realized she would soon fall in love with the man behind this profile and say yes to forever with him!

As a wedding planner and a serious planner in general, Tristan even managed to take the reins on her own surprise engagement. After sending her long term boyfriend, Bill, a multitude of photos and links to engagement rings, he ultimately asked her to go with him to pick out the ring because he knew better than to try and surprise her. For the proposal, she, of course,

knew it was coming! On the evening of her birthday, with freshly manicured nails, Tristan excitedly joined Bill for dinner at The Chart House, which is where his grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The whole night Tristan awaited the big questions but Bill made her wait until the very end of the night before he asked her to follow him on the patio, where he got down on one knee and asked if Tristan would marry him. Delighted, thrilled and not in the least bit surprised, Tristan of course, said yes!

Over a year of planning seating charts, wedding dress shopping and cake tasting and Tristan’s special day finally arrived and on Saturday, January 11th, Tristan and Bill tied the knot. Tristan specifically chose a timeless, elegant and romantic theme to her wedding, with a beautiful outdoor ceremony and a candlelit, classic set up for her reception. Her stunning, Essence of Australia bridal gown was the perfect wedding dress. A beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and tears of joy went by all too quickly as Bill married the girl of his dreams. Looking back on her special day, I interviewed Tristan about her wedding, the planning process, and the newly-married life.

I primarily asked the newly-wed ‘how did you make your wedding personal and special to you?’ Tristan responded, perfectly,

“It was very much about Bill and I. We didn't worry too much about the stuff that I know, as a planner, no one would remember. We made the ceremony personal with our favorite music and writing our own vows. Everyone kept saying that it was so sweet and very much a reflection of who we are as a couple. We also made the day a focus on our love and families, and the reception was full of personal speeches, sweet moments between friends and family, and an all-around great time. It was relaxed and fun just like we are (try to be) and the whole day was flawless. If I can give advice is to not over plan and focus on why you are doing this and the whole day will be personal and special.”

When asked about her favorite moment of her wedding, Tristan immediately knew,

“Our ceremony and the speeches during the reception. It was special hearing Bill's vows and reading mine to him and hearing the personal ceremony our officiant had prepared. During the reception, I couldn't stop crying through our parent's and friend's speeches. I was so overwhelmed with love and it made the day so special.”

“What would be the best piece of advice you could give to a future bride/groom,” I asked.

Tristan explained, “Don't over plan. Follow a checklist, plan the big things, and then tackle the little details as they come. Ultimately guests won't remember what china you used, or if the napkins were ivory or champagne, they won't remember what signage you had so don't stress about those types of details. They remember the love, they remember if they had fun. SO make sure the food is good and the alcohol is flowing, but after that, focus on you and your future husband. Make sure the day is a reflection of your love and that is what people would remember. If you focus on what's important (your love) the day will be great regardless. If you let the day flow, and don't get caught up in the minute by minute timeline, then you will have fun and so will everyone else around you. Also, have a day of coordinator!!! Make sure there is someone there who is the day of contact that isn't a family member or friend. It will make your day so much easier and stress-free!”

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Romantic, memorable, exciting and beautiful. Time to plan your honeymoon? Well, it's arguably the most important holiday of your life and yet, amongst the wedding planning, your honeymoon can get a little forgotten. But don't panic! We have compiled a list of our favourite destinations and recommended places to escape too with your new husband or wife!


Up first we are island hopping in the quintessential paradise named Fiji. Consisting of over 300 islands crafted from soft white sand beaches, picturesque palm trees and the crystal blue sea. Take early morning hikes through lushes, tropical vegetation and up volcanic peaks or relax at an early morning yoga session on the powder soft sandy beach, invest some time at a traditional Fijian cooking lesson together or explore the ocean floor during scuba diving; however you choose to spend your time in Fiji it will never be long enough.


After your special day is all said and done, it’s definitely time for you and your new husband or wife to take some time to yourselves and simply disappear. What better place to venture away to than Tokyo, Japan. With a population of over 12 million, Tokyo is also one of the largest cities in the world which is always bustling with life, energy and color. Few places on Earth will offer visitors such a diverse range of experiences and culture as Japan. The locals are respectable and cultured through their long-standing traditions. The contrast is remarkable, whilst Tokyo’s westernised high-speed, convenient transport systems and technological lifestyle is distinctly divergent to the wooden, traditional temples and blossom tree gardens that are nestled between sky scrapers. You won’t be bored, hungry or disappointed for a moment during your time in Tokyo, Japan.


For a honeymoon a little closer to home, look no further than the deep-southeren cities in North America. Take a road trip or a short flight to New Orleans. The music scene here is incredibly rich and diverse; you'll find blues, country, soul or jazz leaking from doorways and echoing through the streets of this exciting city. You newly-weds will bounce between bars and gigs whilst dancing the nights away, but there is a plentiful culture to enjoy including an interesting history and a delectable local cuisine.


Paris. Ah the city of love. Perhaps the most romantic honeymoon you could imagine involves walking hand in hand through the cobbled streets of Paris having filled up on fresh pastries and drinking champagne from the moment you wake up until you close your eyes again because why not?! You’re in Paris! Enjoy the excitement of walking up the Eiffel tower, soaking up the culture within the Notre Dame, go shopping in the high-fashion shops and visit the famous Mona Lisa inside La Lovre. Amongst the acclaimed tourist sites our favourite moments spent in Paris include wandering down a back cobbled street into a rustic French café to enjoy the best coffee you will ever taste as you breath in the Parisian air and pinch yourself because you must be dreaming!!


Hope across the pond and bring a warm jacket. Scotland has an abundance of hidden gems packed into it - imagine wild coastlines, rugged landscapes, historic castles and cosy hospitality. The traditional Scottish dances, food and pubs will have you entertained and enthralled. You can learn to fly fish, drink malt whiskey or visit the capital city, Edinburgh for

ambience, nightlife and shopping. Scotland is an ideal and scenic honeymoon location.

We love traveling and exposing our brand to global and international clients. Angelic Grove has been fortunate enough and honored to work with a variety of diverse clients to bring events to life all across the globe. We hope our worldly knowledge of traveling will help make your honeymoon decision a little easier amongst all the other choices you have to make during your wedding planning process!

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How to Plan a Bang-for-Your-Buck Bachelorette Party

The costs of a bachelorette party can be steep. When you add up the price of airline tickets, hotel stays, meals, drinks, and entertainment, it's enough to break anyone's budget. According to Upgraded Points, the national average cost of a three-day bachelorette party trip is $1,400 per person. But with these tips, you can scale back the costs without scaling back the fun.

Most of the time, the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and any other friends who are attending pay for their own accommodations and transportation, and then pitch in to cover the rest of the costs of the bachelorette party. However, in some cases, the groom may decide to pay for the festivities as a gift to his bride and her friends. No matter who’s paying, remember that the bachelorette party doesn't have to encompass an entire three-day weekend. Celebrating for multiple days and nights can do some serious damage to your budget.

Where to Go If all (or at least most) of the bridesmaids live near the bride, there's no reason to splurge on traveling out of town. Keep the party local and go to some of the bride’s favorite hangout spots. Whether she loves hiking or singing karaoke at the bar, you are sure to find some fun activities locally without having to catch flights.

If you do decide to host a destination bachelorette party, it’s essential to plan far ahead. Track flight prices and try to pick a destination that's affordable for all the attendees. It doesn’t need to be a remote island or exotic locale; staying within the US can save you a lot of cash.

Whether in town or at a destination spot, rent a house through a service like Airbnb or Vrbo. You can all spend the night at a communal spot without spending all that money on hotel suites.

What to Do

Take it outdoors.

If you have a lot of people on the guest list, you can throw a shindig at the park or other outdoor venues without breaking the bank. Just check with the city to see if you need any permits for public locations. Check out AVParty.com for all your party rental needs. They rent everything from dishes and canopies to casino games and stages.

Make it a movie night.

If you are staying local, make it an outdoor movie night. Just rent (or borrow) a high-quality projector and screen. You can also order takeout from the bride’s favorite restaurant and mix up a few batches of signature cocktails. If you want to kick it up a notch, rent a popcorn machine on the cheap and buy big boxes of candy — and then you’ll be all set. For something a little extra, you can print tickets or set up a red carpet to add to the theme.

Roll or bowl.

Head to the roller rink for a skating party, or drop by the bowling alley to get in a few games. It's good cheap fun, provides a little exercise, and promotes healthy competition among your girlfriends. Have pizza and drinks at the rink or alley, or finish off the day by hanging out at the pool with cocktails in hand.

At-home spa day.

You don’t have to go to a ritzy spa or salon. Instead, enjoy some beauty time with your best friends at the house. All the guests should bring a bunch of hair and beauty products. You can do each other’s nail art, play around with eyelash extensions, and try out wild wash-out hair colors. It may even be a good idea to all chip in and buy the bride-to-be a vanity table for the occasion. Many vanity tables can be purchased for under $100, and they’re great for organizing cosmetics. 

Have a sleepover.

Upgrade those slumber parties from your youth with rom-coms, grown-up party games, and wine. Stay up all night hanging out with your besties to celebrate the bride-to-be’s pending nuptials. Sleep in late and drag yourselves to your favorite brunch (or lunch) spot the next day.

Don't stress out about how to throw an incredible bachelor party on the cheap. It's the friends that make the fun, not the Benjamins. With this advice, the bride and all her besties can have a blast without busting anyone's budget.

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